Health and economic implications of drug abuse

For any nation to be prosperous and have a steady economy, health has to be well maintained and health services available to everyone. This is why most developed nations are known to have good health systems. Based on that, it is clear that any other factors that inhibit health, eventually degrade the economy and stability of a country. One such problem that is a danger to both the health and economy of any country is drug abuse.

Substance abuse is one of the biggest dangerous that a nation can face. It threatened the security, health, and productivity on a nation. In most places, it is met with strong disciplinary measures, which include life imprisonment. While that is necessary, it is important to take adequate measures in ensuring that those partaking in the drug abuse are educated and given better alternatives.

Not many know that drug misuse threatens the sovereignty of a country. Here are the health and economic implications of drug abuse.

Drug abuse and its threat to the economy

Simply put, substance abuse is any usage of drugs, both legal and illegal, in a manner that is wasteful, or for recreational purposes. Here are the dangers of substance abuse.

It makes the users unproductive

The most serious implication of drug abuse to the economeconomyy is that it makes the users unproductive. When these users are unproductive, it means that they are not contributing to building the nation—and while they relax engulfed in drug effects, the duty of developing the country falls into the hands of a few of the population. Soon enough the government will have no money to support its people.

Creates dependence

Once people start using drugs on a regular basis, they become dependent, also known as addiction. Addiction is very dangerous, in that it places the need for drugs, before that of the basic needs. In such a case, the person spends more on the drugs, at the expense of their personal of family’s well-being.


What happens when drug users are addicted to drugs and have no productivity? They turn to crime. This, in turn, degrades the security of a country; and discourage investors, or even other locals from investing in the country.

It is a threat to health

This is a well-knownsadvksabdkvksdbvkbsadbvkbksabdvkasdvsad fact. Most drug users do not pay close attention to cleanness, and even their health. They rarely eat a balanced diet and spread diseases due to lack of hygiene. For instance, they are known to help themselves in public places and throw their needles carelessly.